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Advantages Of Getting Trained From An Autodesk Authorized Training Center.
Sep 07, 2023

The Autodesk Training program permits you to have best learning experiences for Autodesk’s tools and products for Students Faculties & working professionals seeking authorized training for the latest versions of Autodesk’s powerful software. Autodesk authorized Training Center deliver quality learning experiences to customers and educators. Their comprehensive training courses help you increase your product knowledge, prepare for certification exams, and achieve your career goals.

Advantages of training from Autodesk authorized training center

  • Learn with a Trusted Partner – Authorized training centers prepare students, educators, and businesses to explore different ways to design, make, and use things. Learning Partners equip students and educators with powerful design tools, training courses, and curricula to solve real-world challenges and upskill for the jobs of tomorrow.
  • Discover High-Quality Learning Across Industries – Authorized Autodesk training centers provide high-quality learning experiences to students & working professionals. Their extensive training courses and curriculum help learners increase product knowledge, prepare for certification exams, and achieve career goals.
  • Get Support Focused learning – If you are a student or working professional. Training Partners can bridge the gap to access the industries in your future. They offer partnership possibilities, focused conversation, support for certification exams, student competitions, and a commitment to connect with the student. You can learn new skills, build relationships, and earn practical experience.
  • Learn from Certified Instructors – Autodesk Certified trainers prepare the training curriculum in such a way that Academic Students and Working Professionals can be turned to a workforce of the future.
  • Best-In-Class Learning Experiences – Authorized training Partners sets high standards of performance to deliver exceptional learning experiences in a variety of contexts, including remote or in-person learning.

What is the role of GIC in this learning process?

GIC is one of the best-authorized AutoCAD learning partners in Kuwait and Qatar. We are Autodesk GOLD PARTNER & can help students and universities obtain Autodesk educational licenses as well.

In GIC we train and mentor both Academic Students and Working Professionals to the level of turning them into the workforce of the future.

We’ve been working with several companies within the architecture, engineering, and construction industries to enable their professionals to achieve their personal best through training.