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How BIM Support Services Save Money Throughout The Project?
Sep 19, 2023

Building information modeling is a process to improve the outcomes of construction projects. BIM uses various software to create a detailed plan, design and 3D model of the building and its components way before the project starts construction. Let’s see how our BIM support services can help you!

BIM can provide an accurate picture of a project’s Lifecyle, ensuring that all goes as per plan and design so you can be in control every time. It is a tool that can be used throughout the lifespan of a building, from planning to facility management. Almost every member of a project, including the owner to the sub-contractor, all benefit from the information the BIM provides.

How can GIC’s BIM support services help you save money throughout the project?

  • Saves time – The information is updated automatically whenever you make any changes or progress. All the necessary information can be accessed at any time or place. Thus, BIM saves a lot of your time.
  • Enhances project details – BIM can help you to map the exact make and model of material used, quantities and other detailed specifications. By allowing you to consider these details at the early stage of the project, BIM enables you to plan your project in an incredibly fine manner.
  • Improved collaboration – BIM encourages and promotes cooperation between all the involved parties from the planning stage until the project is completed. The model allows us to check in on what everyone is planning to do, as well as what they have completed.
  • Improved Planning – BIM can provide you with a precise time estimate for a particular project. This will help you predict and put together an achievable schedule for the project. You can compare your times with the calculated times, and you can have an idea on how fast or slow your teams are working.
  • Clash detection – BIM permits everyone to crystallize their information into one detailed plan. This makes it easier for the groups to identify and predict potential internal or external clashes before they even start construction.

Get professional BIM training & BIM support services only at GIC!

Our training methodology starts from understanding your real-time requirement, current knowledge level and gaps by our assessment methods. Our Certified Instructor-led sessions enhance the skills of your team through our interactive methodology. The Enhanced skills maximize your training investment and productivity.

All our trainers are highly qualified and well experienced in their respective fields. GIC has licensed software for each training discipline per user.

We prepare custom study materials for each training discipline and will be issued to the participants along with the standard datasets for training at the time of training.